The effort required to maintain your PMP is far less than the effort you made to earn it. Being recognized as a PMP ensures that your abilities are better compensated and rewarded. If you have the certification, you can open more doors for yourself. So why let it lapse?

PMP Credential Renewal Guidelines

In order to satisfy the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program and maintain an active certification status, you must:
  1. Earn and report the appropriate amount of professional development units (PDUs) during each three-year certification/CCR cycle
  2. Complete an Application for Certification Renewal
  3. Reaffirm PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and PMI Certification Application/Renewal Agreement
  4. Submit payment of the renewal fee

Frequently Asked Questions
 Why is maintaining your PMP® credential important?
 What are PDUs?
 How do I earn PDUs?
 When should I start earning PDUs?
 What is the new PDU category structure and policies?
How to Report your PDU activities
Step 1 Go to the online CCR (Continuing Certification Requirements) System

Although PMI encourages you to report PDUs using the online system, you may complete and send electronic or paper copies of the PDU Activity Reporting Form found online.
Step 2 Log-in to the Continuing Certification Requirements System. Use your username and password. Then, select "Report professional development units (PDUs)" or "View my transcript."
Step 3 Click on "Report Professional Development Units"
Step 4 Select the category from the drop down list and complete the further steps.
If you have questions about your credential and/or its maintenance, please contact us at or dial +91-124-4517140