Why Choose a PMI Certification?

You may have seen other project management certifications. What makes PMI’s special?

Our credentials:

Are flexible. PMI certifications are not based on one specific methodology, so they’re flexible and adaptable. You can easily transfer them between industries, market segments and geographic locations.

Keep you up-to-date. PMI continually conducts in-depth studies to ensure that our credentials actually reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices you need to succeed.

Encourage professional growth. You never have to worry about a PMI certification becoming obsolete. Our certification maintenance program requires you to earn professional development units (PDUs), which encourages you to continually develop your skills and stay current as the profession changes.

Help you get ahead. PMI certification offers financial benefits — The PMI Project Management Salary Survey — Seventh Edition shows that certification positively impacts project manager salaries — and helps you stand out and better market yourself to prospective employers.

Are renowned throughout the world. Part of that marketability comes from the prestige of PMI certifications. PMI has provided project management certifications for over 25 years, and our PMP® credential was the first one designed specifically for project managers. Also, the quality of our certification governance is an advantage to those or earn or seek one of our certifications.

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There’s no doubt that a PMI certification opens doors to success. Decide which PMI certification is right for you.