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1) Investors require compensation while making an investment in the project. Which of the following is the key consideration?

Market devaluation

The rate of return with currency devaluation feature

Returns for upfront investments and discount factor under consideration for future returns

Payback period and returns on investment


2) Role of configuration management in project management can be described as:

Managing procurement documentation

Maintaining cash flow records

Maintaining records of requirements trace ability matrix

Making certain that records of project’s product description are complete


3) In project risk management, responses to increase opportunities are commonly identified as:

Mitigation and Transference

Enhance and Share

Avoidance and Exploit

Enhance and Acceptance


4) The popular terminology of RACI chart is described as:

Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform

Responsible, Authority, Core, Internal

Role, Authority, Company, Inform

Regional, Additional, Creative, International


5) What the meaning of ‘constructive change’?

An action or direction by seller or buyer respectively considered by other party as non-documented change to the        contract

A reconstruction of the project baseline

Change required for enhancement of project objectives

It is another definition of project


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