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1) Negotiating across international cultures involves mutual interdependence        between parties. In most cases the negotiating must be conducted in an        atmosphere of:

        Mutual trust and cooperation

        Generalities and vagueness

        Sincerity and compassion

        Uncertainty and caution


2) Which of the following constitute Juran’s quality trilogy?

        Planning, Inspection, Control

        Planning, Organization, Control

        Product, Price, Customer

        Planning, Improvement, Control


3) A project management team has sub-contracted work to a service company.       The efforts towards ensuring that this service company’s performance meets        contractual requirements are called:

        Contractual administration

        Vendor efforts estimation

        Conduct procurement

        Contract negotiations


4)  A project team has six members. The team has reached the development stage        of “performing”.  All six members are needed to communicate frequently with        one another. How many lines of communications are there?






5) Complex projects including cross-disciplinary efforts are most effectively        managed by :

        Projectized organization

        Functional organization

        Strong virtual organizational

        Strong virtual organizational


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