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The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches workshops on ‘Project
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Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, chairman, GMR Group often says that he put in his bid for the international airport in Hyderabad because he thought an airport was no more than a runway and a building. A successful entrepreneur, Mr. Rao has built large factories, power plants and roads, and saw no reason why building an airport would be any different. He did build the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad but it turned out to be a task much tougher than what he had envisaged.





Facing the brutal reality that fossil fuels are finite and getting more expensive by the minute, municipalities and private companies around the world are fast tracking millions of dollars, euros, pesos and yen into alternative energy projects. But that huge and rapid growth has left project leaders scrambling to implement new technologies on a much larger scale than previously seen.



New research indicates project management skills, including the ability to effectively execute projects and identify and manage project risk, will be some of the most sought after skills over the next five years.

PMI’s PathPro® helps you identify these skills so you will be ready next time someone asks “Why should we hire you?” PathPro is the only project management career tool based on the extensive research of project managers and the skills that lead to success.

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