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The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches workshops on ‘Project
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Chapter News

On 9 and 10 September, PMI Bangalore Chapter hosted the 5th annual Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC) event at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) Convention Centre in Bangalore.

Around 700 people attended the conference that was centered on the theme, ‘Architecting Project Management—Growth Through Innovation.’ The two-day event covered a wide range of topics around technological innovation. Unique Identifi- cation Cards, application of the latest technology for the benefit of the common man, and participatory watershed development using space technology were some of the topic highlights of the event. Mr. Shanker Annaswamy, managing director, IBM India Pvt. Ltd delivered the inaugural address. Mr. T.N. Seshan, former chief election commissioner, gave an inspiring speech, which was followed by a valedictory address by Prof. S. Sadagopan, founder-director, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B). There was also a session by Mr. Y.S.Rajan on ‘Global Position of Indian Industry and Role of Technology Project Management.’

Prior to the main events, the chapter organized two knowledge enriching features on 8 September. The first session, ‘Monte Carlo Simulation Technique’ was led by Mr. M.S.Hiremath, an Executive Committee (EC) and Faculty member. In this session, Mr. Hiremath enlivened the proceedings with a live demonstration of the usage of the technique, and its capabilities. ‘Steering Project Success—What More Is Possible?’ by Mr. Madhavan S. Rao, editor of PM Essence and a former EC member was the next informative session. Mr. Madhavan introduced the seven ‘mantras’ for success in project management and elucidated them further through case studies and video.

The chapter also hosted PM Primer in the run-up to the conference. PM Primer is essentially a program targeted at the student community, to familiarize them with the concepts associated with project management. During the event, an informative booklet serving as a ‘Concept Guide’, explaining the basic principles of project management, including the nine Knowledge Areas and five process groups identified in the A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) was distributed to the engineering and management students who attended the event. Mr. Sivanandam, director, Tiruveni Consultancy, inaugurated the program which was attended by around 450 students from 19 colleges. Mr. Santosh Kumar Mishra, vice president, head of compliance & chief information security officer and Mr. Jayaprakash J. Lakshminarayan, engagement lead delivery project executive, IBM India Pvt. Ltd, were part of the eminent faculty leading the program.

Highlights of PMPC 2010:
• Convenient online registration and payment;
• Bonus sessions on advanced project management topics;
• Excellent speeches, panel discussions and case studies across multiple industries;
• Sponsorship from Yahoo; and
• Stalls by Rotary Club, training institutes and other vendors.


Chapter News

PMI Chennai Chapter organized a seminar on ‘Project Management: Propelling India’s Rapid Growth’ on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 18 September. The AGM encapsulated the chapter’s achievements over the past year. A key point of discussion was the crucial requirement for certifi ed project managers for the growth of the country, and the chapter’s role in delivering qualifi ed and skilled project managers.

Since its inception, the chapter has been committed to giving back to society. At each AGM a reputed NGO is invited to spread awareness on a matter of social concern. The September AGM showcased the work of Alert—We Care, an organization started in 2007 by a group of doctors and other young professionals. Alert—We Care makes basic medical life support available in times of need. The chapter also invited Mr. Gnanaraj, head of Kaakkum Karangal, an organization for senior citizens and young orphans, and made a commitment to contribute towards the organization’s activities.



PMI Pearl City Chapter (PMIPCC) has always been a pioneer in setting up new initiatives that benefit academia, business, society, and the nation. On 7 October, the Project Management Institute honored the Chapter with the PMI Component Award for Component of the Year, Recognition of Excellence. Mr. Suresh Chandra, President, PMIPCC received the award on behalf of the chapter from Mr. Gregory Balestrero, president & CEO, PMI.

The September–October months saw some interesting events at the Chapter. On 17 September, at the PMIPCC network meeting, Mr. Shailesh Gupta of HCL Technologies delivered the keynote speech on ‘Employee Before Customer.’ On 1 October, the Pearl City Chapter and Computer Society of India Hyderabad Chapter signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to combine their forces to work on community development and student development activities. On 18 September, 9 October and 23 October, the Chapter organized dynamic sessions for over 500 students to increase project management awareness.

On 2 and 23 October, as a kick-start to the Student Leadership Competency Building (SLCB) program, volunteer meetings were organized by the Chapter to familiarize the volunteers with the program. On 23 October, volunteers conducting the program at various educational institutions were addressed by Mr. Srinivasu Chowta, director, PMIPCC SLCB Program.



PMI Mumbai Chapter has been active in organizing speeches and workshops for the knowledge enhancement of its members. On 20 August, members heard Mr. Kailash Upadyay on the ‘The Role of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Project Management.’ Mr. Upadyay explained the WBS concept in its entirety, beginning with its definitions, characteristics and advantages. On 22 August, Mr. Rakesh Gupta, PMP, spoke to members on how to ‘Awaken The Leader Within’.

On 5 September, at the 110th PMP Club Meet, Mr. Prasad Kolachana gave a talk on ‘A Comparison of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Models—An Interactive Discussion.’ On 18 September, at the 111th PMP Club Meet, Ms. Shilpa Subramanian gave a talk on ‘Effective Interpersonal Skill.’ At the next meet the following day, there was a panel discussion on ‘Leveraging Project Management for Excellence, Growth and Transformation.’

October also saw numerous activities. The 113th PMP Club Meet, held on 3 October, had Mr. Jawed Khan speaking on ‘Managing ISO Implementation.’ At the next meet on 9 October, Mr. Balaji Krishnan spoke on ‘Negotiation—The Key to Success.’ The last PMP Club Meet for the month was on 31 October, where Ms. Shital Rajeev Andharia gave a talk on ‘Conflict Management.’


In September and October, the chapter held its 100th, 101st and 102nd PMPCE PC. On 26 September, at the 22nd Student Branch Event, Mr. Abhijit Mujamdar led a session on ‘Managing a Winning Proposal Development Process,’ which was followed by a workshop on the subject on 30 October. On 24 October, at the 23rd Student Branch Meet, Mr. Chandrashekar Vaze spoke on ‘What It Takes To Run A Successful Program.’

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