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What Volunteers Have to Say

For the first time, volunteers from other chapters were involved, making it a true national conference

Mr. Atin Wadehr - Technical paper, hospitality, and registration

This was a very good experience of managing diversified tracks for a large event. There were program managers, project managers, and entrepreneurs working together as team members. It was like a marriage function organized over three days to attend to guests, paid delegates, sponsors, and PMI members,and ensure everyone was happy. There was a lot of co-ordination between PMI, the host chapter, the event management agency, and the hotel staff to ensure all the sessions went off efficiently. Last minute changes in plans were also handled gracefully without inconveniencing delegates.

Mr. Vikram Verma - Hospitality

This was my first opportunity to work on an event of this nature and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It brought back memories of college days. There was perfect teamwork; for example, when the speaker memento is to be given away, there are so many people involved and each one has to play his/her part perfectly on time each time. To sum it up, I'll borrow a line from a Shah Rukh Khan movie - No one can take these three days away from me. Thank you PMI North India Chapter for this opportunity.

Mr. Chetan Gupta - Multiple roles

The conference gave me good insight into project management activities which include coordination, taking care of minute details of the various components involved, best use of technology to achieve the goals, leadership capabilities to be able to deliver great results on time and with the available resources, and to create partnership and bonding with a team that one has met for the first time. I am really glad that I was given this opportunity to be part of the conference as a volunteer and get involved in its preparation and execution.

Mr. Rakesh Prasad - Speaker track

PMI rocks! Conference planning was an experience of a lifetime. There were several takeaways for me. I'll remember what Mr. Mahesh Bhatt said, "Mind khali rakho. (Keep your mind empty.)" Some of the other sessions I enjoyed were by Mr. Deep Kalra on entrepreneurship and by Mr. Girish Wagh on shifting of the Tata Nano factory from Singur to Sanand. I'm proud to be a part of an awesome 35-member team. Yes! We made it happen. We tasted euphoria at the end. PMI North India Chapter has set an example.

Ms. Shweta Goyal - Registration track

I'm extremely thankful for being part of such a mega event. Kudos to the PMI National Conference 2013 organizing team and the North India Chapter who worked for months to make the event successful. It was truly a remarkable event which had eminent speakers from different industries, from Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik from the IT industry to Mr. Mahesh Bhatt from the film world. It was enlightening to hear their views on project management. Being a part of the registration track, I was lucky to have been involved in almost all the tracks, including the speaker track.

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