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Announcing the two winners of our last Short Takes contest. Below are the winning responses:

Q. As a practitioner, please mention a project in India that makes you proud and why?

Congrats Mr. Pragatheeswaran Rathinasamy!

A. The Indian General Elections of 2014 was historically important for the nation as a project. It is a matter of huge pride that it was a project that required the management of the highest number of stakeholders ever in the history of the world.

It was also the largest democratic exercise in the world so far in which 554 million citizens tendered their vote!

The Election Commission of India had to conduct the elections in phases through nearly a million polling stations across the nation. With the successful use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), information technology, security arrangements, and resource planning strategies, the general elections of 2014 demonstrate the country°¶s capabilities in public administration and event management. Interestingly, only 0.0263% of the total 546879221 votes cast through EVMs were rejected, which is close to 5É„ level! (Error % of 5É„ = 0.023% and 6É„ =0.00034%)

Congrats Mr. Kanwaljit Singh Kochar!

A. As a practitioner, the project that makes me proud is the Delhi Metro Rail Project by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). It has been very well managed, is of international quality, the project completed within the timeframe, and in some phases, it completed much before the target date. During the execution of the project, there was very little inconvenience to the general public as diversions and flow of traffic were well organized. Most of the stations are built on very busy parts of the city. The project has received appreciation for its safety records not only in India but also internationally.

The operations of Delhi Metro Rail is also one of the most successfully managed public transport systems in India with a near perfect record of on-time and troublefree transportation.

The DMRC project has raised the bar and set new standards for all projects in India.

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