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Below are the winning response for last issue's Short Takes:

Q. Bad news about a project must be conveyed to the team immediately. Do you agree? Please give reasons for your answer.

Congrats Rohit Saraogi!

A. I agree that bad news about a project must be conveyed to the team immediately. Following are the reasons for the same:

  1. The cost of changes is always less in the early part of project.
  2. Design - Immediate rectification of a poor design or design faults will be less damaging. Design changes after execution of work are very costly.
  3. Cost Control - Conveying a poor Cost Performance Index (CPI) to the team gives them more time and control over the cost to complete the project in sanctioned budgets.
  4. Schedule Control - Delayed information on schedule delays will have a steep catch-up plan for on time project completion.

Congrats Ramesh M.!

A. While I certainly agree that the bad news about a project needs to be communicated to the team immediately, it may be recommended to follow the following:

  1. Try to talk in a calm and clear manner. Try to empathize with people. It will be good if you rehearse to make you prepared for difficult questions. Also, practice stress management techniques to be calm and composed.
  2. Try to identify a solution that can reduce the team's anxiety.
  3. Pay attention to your setting and timings.
  4. Be genuine and straight forward.
  5. Use active listening skills.
  6. Wherever appropriate, focus on positivity with due sensitivity.

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