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Putting the Focus on Work-Life Balance

PMI Chennai Chapter is hosting its fifth annual conference on 25 September at the Hilton Chennai. The conference theme, “Driving Project Success through Improved Work-Life Balance,” will resonate well with today’s project managers who are part of the “always on” work culture.

Digital technologies are making the workplace "always on," which means a project manager is practically always working on the project whether he/she is at work, at home, or sometimes even during holidays. They are connected with colleagues through the Internet or the mobile phone, thus putting an end to the traditional system of observing office timings, and keeping work and life outside work separate. This practice is even more pronounced when teams are spread across multiple time zones. Juggling work targets with personal goals is disrupting the work-life balance of today’s project managers.

Syed Nazir Razik, Chennai chapter vice-president – marketing and branding, and conference director, said, “According to Gallup, globally 19 percent of the workforce reports sick due to work-related stress and resulting imbalance. It also suggests that a balanced and motivated team member shows 21 percent higher productivity than normal.”

Koushik Srinivasan, Chennai chapter vice-president – finance, and conference co-director added, “Each one of us adopts various methods to restore work-life balance in our lives. In the conference, we can learn from our eminent speakers on how they drive project success through a balanced life.”

Keynote speakers will offer insights based on their experience and knowledge. Besides learning from the experts, practitioners will get ample opportunities to share and discuss their thoughts with their peers. Delegates will get an opportunity to listen to Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, one of the earliest voices to speak on gender diversity and inclusion of women in India. Dr. Rajesh is an award-winning social entrepreneur who was felicitated by the Government of India in the inaugural 2015 #100WomenAchiever contest. The other speaker to look forward to is Kiruba Shankar, CEO of Business Blogging and founder director of F5ive Technologies. He is best known for the book, Unconference - 10 powerful ways to spice up your meetings and events, and will lead an “unconference” session on this year’s theme.

For more updates on the conference, click here.

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