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The following readers of Manage India have won a free delegate pass each to attend the PMI India National Conference 16-17 September 2017 in Chennai.

consultant, Mastercard India Pvt. Ltd.

Q: Women can make better project managers because...
A: a nurturer better understands that with great power comes great responsibility.

"I came up with this slogan as being a woman, I believe managing skills, responsibilities, and understanding are God's gifts to women. With these qualities coming naturally to women, they manage projects of any field in a better way."

telecom and information technology
consultant, and member,
Working Groups of United for Smart
Sustainable Cities

Q: Name the best earth-friendly project
A: The solar project at Kochi International Airport Limited

"India has been a world leader in the past, and ecology or earth friendliness has been at the core of our cultural ethos. This project, which makes the Kochi International Airport the world's first airport to be powered completely by solar energy, is a demonstration of how even with modern technologies we can be the leaders in earth friendliness, and that has been the inspiration behind this theme."

assistant manager, Ernst and Young

Q: Name the best earth-friendly project

A: The solar project at Kochi International Airport Limited

"I chose the solar power at the Kochi International Airport because the project is an eye-opener to society that it is possible to power an entire international airport through solar energy. Also through PMI I strongly believe this project will get the right boost so that others can adopt the same and be self-reliant in their energy needs."

delivery manager, Infosys

Q: What makes working on projects truly aMAYzing?

"The reason is very simple: Each project or a group of projects (big or small) is a journey in itself. The journey brings forth not only human interactions and emotions but also includes the science and art of management, encompassing all the ups and downs - the innovative and run time decisions, just is equivalent to the journey called life, thereby making it truly enriching and aMAYzing."

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