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Cloud Computing & Project Management | Sep 13, 2010

Cloud computing is bringing a fundamental change in the IT infrastructure, and to manage this change, there's a strong need to evolve newer project management techniques

Gartner predicts the worldwide market for cloud computing will reach USD 68.3 billion in 2010 itself, and will reach USD 148.8 billion by 2014. IDC predicts that 10% of organizational IT budgets will go in favor of adopting the public cloud, and according to Forrester, 44% of the organizations want to move the private cloud way. If these figures are to be believed, then we're far from being well prepared for it. Currently, there are too many announcements being made related to cloud computing, with just about every vendor worth its name hopping onto the bandwagon. This is creating more confusion than clarity amongst prospective cloud computing adopters.

So to eliminate all confusion and make India a global leader in the cloud computing space, what's required is a global delivery model for bringing out better, faster, and cheaper cloud computing products and services. One way to make this possible would be for the industry to come together and bring out a set of best practices by using effective project management techniques. This was essentially the objective of a conference conducted by PMI in Bangalore on August 7, 2010. It was the first one in a multi-city series, which brought together thought leaders from the cloud computing vendors space.

The Indian govt. has incurred losses in excess of Rs 50,000 Cr for all their projects above Rs 25 Cr, just due to project delays, explains Raj Kalady, MD, PMI India.

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